Independant Consultants to the Meat Processing Industries

                     Abattoir Design & Build  


Building a new abattoir is a key strategic decision for any company. Getting the location and size of the plant is the fundamental decision that contributes to the success or failure of the project. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the livestock and meat processing industry Lee Booth Partners is ideally suited to the provision of advice at this crucial stage.

From the point of initial conception Lee Booth Partners work with the customer to understand their ideas for the facility. Lee Booth Partners can then supply models for the numbers and ratios of livestock and the expected returns based on the meat processing involved. The customer is then able to feed these forecast back into their business case to ensure the correct scale of facility is developed. This full and thorough approach ensures not only that an appropriate business case is produced but also that all aspects of the operation are accounted for.

Once the proposals have been agreed Lee Booth Partners brings together the specialist team required to produce the detailed designs. This establishes the detailed specifications for the complete facility from the livestock handling through to the slaughter line and all of the equipment and consumables required. Lee Booth will then personally take the customer through the detailed design explaining the full operation. This structured walk-through of the new abattoir enables the customer to understand not just the operation of the facility but also the approach that would be used to project manage the whole installation.

On acceptance of the detailed design Lee Booth Partners will initiate and manage the whole project. Regular reviews will be held and progression reported direct to the customer. In parallel to the physical construction of the new abattoir Lee Booth Partners puts in place the processes, procedures and work instructions required to operate the facility and formalise these regultory requirements into the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). This means that on completion of the facility the capability to operate it is in place.

Prior to the acceptance and handover of the new abattoir Lee Booth Partners will ensure all of the operators are fully trained and capable of producing the forecasted capacity agree at the start.

Once the customer has formally accepted the new abattoir Lee Booth Partners are always available to support any issues that may arise.